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About Us

L33t Box Computers. The Elite Computer Experience.

L33t Box Computers, LLC. is a veteran owned business founded in 2016. The owner, Ray Boston, has 12 years of military service in the Cyber Systems Operations career field, working with enterprise level networks, servers, and security. He has been in the computer support field since 2003, and supporting Spokane and Spokane Valley since 2015. 

We service all makes and models of computers, servers, network equipment, and more. L33t Box Computers can even do business network installation, home automation, and custom computer builds and upgrades. No job is too small or too large!

About Our Name

L33tspeak (pronounced "leet speak") started in the 1980s in the hacker community. Some say it was born of a need to avoid the prying eyes of keyword searches, while others say it was really just a form of graffiti-like expression in a drab, text-based world.

The first and most basic rule of l33tspeak is to change certain letters to similar-looking numbers or symbols - for example, "e" becomes "3," "a" becomes "4" or "@," and so forth.

The word "l33t" itself (also "L337") is really "leet," a corruption of "elite" and meaning someone who is very good at what they do. The opposite would be a "n00b" (short for "newbie") or a "lamer" (also "llama").

(Source: Network World, "Are You L33t?", 2004)

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